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System solutions with polyamide foam

System solutions with polyamide foam

Polyamide foam
One efficient way to improve the thermal performance of a window, door or facade system is to fill the frame cavities with foam. The challenge is to have an appropriate material with a low thermal conductivity, able to go through all the usual processes (transport, stocking, assembly, different surface treatments) together with our
insulating profiles made of PA 66 GF25.

Technoform Bautec has a new standard solution that is using closed-cell powder coatable polyamide foam. This has the advantage that it can be applied to a system with no extra handling for our customers. For our part, we have endeavoured to develop a solution with the best overall environmental performance in production and recycling. This solution offers great potential for further development.

Customer benefits

  • Highly flexible system solution for excellent U-values in windows, doors and facade systems
  • Good insulating properties
  • No additional handling at our customers due to pre-assembled product solution by Technoform Bautec
  • Optimum efficiency in the supply chain for surface treatment (pre-treatment, powder coating, chemical removal, anodization)
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Use of environment neutral blowing agent nitrogen (N) 
  • Recyclable material