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Aluminum is one of the building materials most valued in the world. This is due to its own and special characteristics:

- The wide range of alloys that allow a change in the mechanical properties. This way, it can be adapted to the use.





- The wide range of finishes and colors that allow customization of windows and doors.

-The life cycle of aluminum is by far longer than other materials because it does not distort, it is not combustible and has high impact strength.



- It is 100% recyclable and not toxic.

- It is free to use by all the laws of the different countries.

- It is easy to maintain and it has not any specific treatment.


Technoform Bautec promotes the use of aluminum

Technoform Bautec promotes the use of aluminum

All these characteristics make aluminum a material not harmful for the environment.

In Technoform Bautec we support non contaminating materials and we want to promote the use of aluminum in the building industry.

But for this, it is needed to solve one of the problems of this product, its high thermal conductivity.

In this sense and for the aluminum windows, doors and façades, it needs to be placed a material that stops this conductivity. This is a thermal break.

The widely used thermal break system is 6.6 polyamide profiles reinforced with a 25% of glass fiber which is one of the few thermoplastic products approved by the European norm UNE-EN 14024.



Polyamide, the ally of aluminum

Polyamide, the ally of aluminum

The use of polyamide is suitable because:

- It has a low dilation coefficient and similar to that of aluminum.

- It has a low thermal transmittance coefficient, 0,3 W/m2K.

- Its high mechanical resistance when facing high temperatures and the pass of time.

- Its high impact resistance.

- It is not distorted in temperatures less than 200ºC.

- It is inert to most of the chemical agents.

- It has a high resistance to corrosion under tensions.

- It allows the use of the same machinery used for the production of aluminum profiles.