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Thermal Break, the best ally for the aluminium profiles

Thermal Break, the best ally for the aluminium profiles

Energy saving

The measures taken by the European governments to follow Kyoto protocol lead to stricter laws on energy efficiency for buildings. The goal is reducing CO2 emissions. In the building industry this emission is highly produced by the loss of energy on acclimatization, both on heating and air conditioning.

Thermal Break reduces the loss of energy through the enclosures and therefore it turns out to be an ally for energy saving.

Bicolor profiles

Design and aesthetics in building making is more and more an important value. The respect for the urban norms together with the customization make windows become an identity signal. The use of TB allows the use of aluminum profiles of different colors in the interior and exterior sides of the window.

Prevent condensation

In cold climates when the outside temperature is low and the relative inside temperature is high we get the phenomenon of condensation. This is due to the fact that the temperature of the inside profile is over the dew. With TB the superficial temperature is risen avoiding the appearance of condensation.

Fulfill the law

The actual legislation of the European countries establishes several values that should not be exceeded. At the moment it is nearly impossible to use aluminum profiles if they don´t have thermal break.