Technoform Bautec

Technoform Bautec is green

Technoform Bautec is green

The company has invested a lot of efforts and resources to establish actions and attitudes that have as its main purpose the improvement of our welfare promoting, at all areas, the environmental responsibility.

This responsibility has to be in all of us, not only in the products we make but also in the processes we follow to make them.

From production to recycling, we follow a deep tracking of the environmental requests.


All our processes are green

All our processes are green


Our own product is assembled with aluminum in order to obtain thermically efficient systems that save in the consumption on both, heating and air conditioning.

The use of these products can significantly improve the carbon footprint of products. This has a positive impact on Environmental Product Declarations (EDP) and building certificates like LEED, BREEAM or DGNB.

Actions to reduce energy demand

- The production of polyamide 6.6 GF25 is a process considered “low emissive”. The toxic residues are nearly null and they are managed in an appropriate way.

- We promote the reuse of all our post-industrial material through several recycling processes.

- We have introduced in all our processes many other actions as the external refrigeration or the reduction of heat loss at the extrusion process.



- Once polyamide has been extruded, it is stored and delivered in returnable metallic pallets in order to avoid packaging waste. The packaging is minimized as much as possible.

- We also try to send full pallets as to avoid the circulation of transport not its full capacity.

- The polyamide strips that cannot be used are recycled (as long as they are in the proper conditions) as polyamide is 100% recyclable.