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A. Barcelona

A. Barcelona

In 1988 Aluminios Barcelona began its activity with great enthusiasm and with the clear goal of covering the commercial needs of its clients. Today, they have managed to become a company with a large presence in the aluminum carpentry market. All they have achieved is thanks to the effort of their team and the great collaboration and support from their customers. The reflection of that effort its range of products.

Features of the Alba series:

  • Alba 65

65 mm frame. and 72 mm glaze. System of closure with central seal in EPDM. Glazing capacity of 50 mm. Standard European chamber for the hardware.

  • Alba Pros 70 (slide)

70 mm frame. and sheets of 70 mm. With alignment by stainless steel brackets. Glazing capacity 24 mm.  2, 3 and 4 sheets. Interchangeable lower rail.

  • Alba 75

75 mm frame. and 82 mm blade. System of closure by central seal in EPDM. 60 mm glazing capacity. Standard European cahmber for hardware.

  • Alba Pros 80 (slide)

Frame of 85 mm and 80 mm. and 80 mm sheets. With alignment by stainless steel brackets. Capacity of glazing 30 mm. Chamber for clipped linings. Opening 2, 3 and 4 leaves and 3 lanes. Interchangeable lower rail.

  • Alba 120 (slide)

Large sliding system with high performance. 120 mm frames. And staggered perimeter sheet of 50 mm. Glazing capacity 38 mm. Chamber for clipped linings. Fork lift up to 250 kg maximum load per blade


Download the BIM files of this series HERE