Technoform Bautec



Guiding all its efforts towards the final objective of constituting a chain of quality in each and every one of the processes in which it takes part, the ALUGOM group, pretends to attend any type of constructive problem with which we can find at the moment, concerning to the aluminum industry, especially in the enclosure.

  • Serie ALG 75 MAXIMA

It is a three-chamber system with thermal bridge break for doors and windows. ALG 75 MAXIMA has an average Uf value of 1.26 W / m2K. This system has a greater energy efficiency than many windows of PVC or wood, satisfying the most demanding requirements in thermal insulation. All this, without sacrificing the advantages of strength, durability, elegance and design possibilities of aluminum. These values ​​of thermal insulation are achieved by means of the Technoform Bautec 'legs' and 'hollow chamber' polyamide strips, the double center joint and the placement of 'foam' under the glass.

  • Serie ALG 65 ÓPTIMA

Robust and secure, the ALG 65 ÓPTIMA window system provides great comfort thanks to its extraordinary insulation performance. It's a very versatile system that can be install in any geographical area.

This system is compatible with concealed hardware, which, together with its impeccable design, allows it to perfectly adapt to the most avant-garde constructions. The double center joint, the placement of 'foam' under the glass and the introduction of insulation material in the chambers of the polyamide strips provides thermal advantages. All this without giving up the security and stability provided by the double square in the frame of the window.

  • MATRA 135 RPT Series

Matra 135 RPT is a large sliding door system. With a modern and functional design, this window is able to support weights up to 400 kg per sheet thanks to the lifting hardware, and also with an optimal maneuverability of the enclosure. If this is not enough, the opening function can be motorized.

It is an ideal system to cover large gaps due to the great variety of constructive solutions and high performance that this window presents. Hotels, restaurants, office buildings, luxury homes, are perfect projects for this window. There are different possibilities of mounting the fence, in 'miter' or 'testa', or a 3-lane fence can be used.


Download the BIM files of this series HERE