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Amplitude Riventi

Amplitude Riventi

Riventi is a leading curtain wall company, which has worked on projects of international prestige such as the Isozaki Towers in Bilbao, the Navarro Baldeweg Human Evolution complex or the Gamesa Eólica headquarters of Patxi Mangado in Navarra. Its high adaptability to the technical demands of the most avant-garde designs result in innovative solutions that integrate the most diverse materials. AMPLITUDE, the new system of minimalist window of great dimensions. Allows light to be the protagonist to expand spaces. The glass assumes the structural function, while the aluminum frame is reduced to its minimum expression to obtain a glass panels of elegant, almost imperceptible lines, that eliminate the domestic thresholds.

The Amplitude system has the following characteristics:

  • Embedded and hidden in the three cloths: floor, ceiling and wall.
  • Two and three rails.
  • Biraille width: 128mm (49mm rail + 20mm gasket).
  • Building Vertical Rack: 20mm.
  •  Finished: anodized aluminum (25 microns); Natural or color.
  • Special treatment for coastal projects and reinforcement in locations with high winds or high altitude.

Download the BIM files of this series HERE