Technoform Bautec



Extrucolor was founded in 1973. It carries out processes of extrusion, surface treatment (anodized / powder coating) and machining of aluminum profiles. Continental systems are designed to maintain a perfect balance between profile slenderness and glazing capability, maintaining aesthetics,permeability, and also thermal and acoustic insulation. This allows energy saving.

The series available in BIM are:

  • Slider P-100/90 RPT

It is a very versatile thermal bridge breaking system with frames of 100 and 90 mm compatible with sheets of 80 and 20 mm. It includes the solution Galandage that allows an integral opening by hiding 100% of the sheets in the the wall pocket.

  • Exa 80-RPT

Powerful window system which responds to the new regulatory framework with energy saving, permeability, watertightness and sound insulation. With its characteristics allows a capacity of 68mm of glazing where the use of energy-efficient glasses and compositions of great thickness, (double and triple camera) is feasible.

  • Curtain wall EMC-60-TT

Traditional system of self-supporting lightweight facades incorporating polyamide for thermal break. It is characterized by the presence of aluminum on the exterior of the facade. The grid is marked by the horizontal and vertical covers. The glass is attached perimetrally to the uprights and crossbars, by profile pressors screwed to them. Maximum glazing up to 45 mm. Depth of galce 22 mm.

  • Curtain wall EMC-60-ED

Self-supporting lightweight facade system incorporating polyamide for thermal break. The insulating glazing for the fixed gap is secured to the façade by a safety anchor that holds the inner glass. The glass chamber width is 20 mm. The width of the sore between glasses is 20 mm, which is sealed with a silicone sealant resistant to UV rays.

Download the BIM files of this series HERE