Technoform Bautec



ITESAL began its extrusion activity on October 8, 1992 with an extrusion press of 1600 TN of thrust in a ship of 2,530 m2. Mission: to design, manufacture and market aluminum systems and solutions for architecture, and also for the industrial sector, generating interest groups an economic advantage, important and lasting. Vision: To be the national and internationally renowned business organization for its quality and service, offering architectural solutions of aluminum that generate well-being in people in a sustainable way.

The IT-75 system is a carpentry, for windows and doors with high-end thermal break, with excellent mechanical and thermal performance.

Basic system dimensions:

  • Frame: 75 mm.
  • Sheet: 84 mm.
  • 34 mm polyamide strips.
  • Maximum thickness of glass of 61 mm.
  • General profile thickness: 1.5 mm.
  • Double tightening bracket in tubular interior-exterior for great dimensions that guarantee the robustness and durability.

Download the BIM files of this series HERE