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Apr.2017. Film solution

Apr.2017. Film solution

The fact of being a leading company in the break of polyamide 6.6 thermal bridge with 25% of glass fiber, requires Technoform Bautec to constantly look for solutions that bring value to the market.

Technoform Bautec strips make easier to assemble the profile and then go through the powder coating, as the polyamide resists the high oven temperatures.

Over the years, the series of windows have been changing, either to show aesthetically different designs or to improve the thermal transmittance of them. These trends have led to the development of increasingly wide and complex polyamide strips.

Having more powder coating surface in the polyamide can cause a visually difference from the polyamide to the aluminium, since it is not the same thing to lacquer on the black color of the strips than on the metallic color of the aluminum.

Therefore, many customers prefer to leave the black color of the strip as it is to avoid aesthetic differences and, in some cases, also avoid the appearance of bubbles by lacquered with textured paint. In the past this meant having to assemble forcibly after powder coating, which leads to a loss of productivity.

Technoform Bautec perceived this problem as an area of ​​opportunity and for this our R & D department work very hard to find a solution. After numerous tests with different products and processes, Technoform Bautec found a film that is applied on the strips, which able to withstand the processes of lacquering and anodizing. It is only necessary to easily remove the film once these processes are finished to expose the polyamide with its characteristic black color.

In addition, Technoform Bautec designed a exclusive confection line, capable to apply the film on complex geometries, from strips meant for hidden sash systems, to tubular strips of different widths.

This research and development effort made by Technoform Bautec gives the opportunity to improve the productivity of its customers. In addition, this solution avoids the inconvenient bubbles that in some occasions appear with lacquers of textured paint.

Many of our customers are already benefiting from this solution because they avoid the aforementioned possible problems and improve their product for their own market.