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Feb.2017. New hidden sash Alcar

Feb.2017. New hidden sash Alcar

Alcar and Technoform Bautec have collaborated in the creation of Alcar series AE0949 Hidden sash with channel 16. Technoform Bautec has supplied its polyamides with fiberglass strips to create an innovative system, in terms of performance and aesthetics.

Alcar was born in 1971 as  part of the expansion of the Inalsa group, in order to establish itself as a distributor of aluminum carpentry systems.

This trajectory of more than four decades has been based on having maintained as a priority satisfy the needs of its customers. Alcar reflects this concept in their slogan: trust is not sold or bought, it is earned. That is why Alcar is constantly seeking to give added value to its products.

Technoform Bautec, in addition of being characterized by its leading position in the sector of the thermal break of polyamide 6.6 with 25% of fiberglass, distinguishes itself by having deep commercial relations with its customers. This translates into customized solutions.

The compatibility of the policies of both companies has given many results over the years. On this occasion the collaboration of the technical departments of both parties make use of all their knowledge to design the new series AE0949 Hidden sash Channel 16.

Technoform Bautec took this project and focused on its area of ​​expertise. It made the thermal calculations of the thermal bridge break with different variants to be able to guarantee that the final choice of polyamides was the optimum.

This work led the system to include three different strips of 6.6 with 25% glass fiber, manufactured by Technoform Bautec, two of which were specifically designed for this system.

The frame consists of two polyamides of 34 mm, both with legs and geometry in C.

The legs of the first strip are long, and when assembled, are close to the other 34 mm polyamide. This allows to simulate closed cameras that give a better thermal performance.

The second polyamide, in addition to having legs, has a carrier function. This ingenious design solves the central gasket housing, and is one of the two exclusives that Technoform Bautec has manufactured for this system

The third polyamide was also created specifically for this system. It is placed on the blade and is 45 mm. In this type of break you can appreciate the contribution of Technoform Bautec expertise, as this strip not only acts as a break, but also serves as a top of the central joint, works as an anchorage point of the jamb and its special geometry allows the design of this new hidden sash can offer aesthetic advantages by homogenizing the exterior and the interior with continuous surfaces.

Thanks to the use of these 3 strips, the thermal bridge break contributes to the system reaching a Uw from 1.2 (W / m2k).

To have been part of the development of such an innovative series has been for Technoform Bautec a reason to be proud. Thanks to projects like this, Technoform Bautec demonstrates that it is much more than a thermal bridge break supplier, but also a company that can be trusted for the development of new series.