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Feb.2017. Technoform at BAU 2017

Feb.2017. Technoform at BAU 2017

Technoform Bautec maintains a constant ambition to improve with the purpose of satisfying the needs of its customers and the market in general. For this reason, the company has put great efforts in being the first company to obtain the 'Sustainability certificate' granted by the ift Rosenheim institute. This certification was presented at the BAU 2017 fair held in Munich during the month of January.

The Ift Rosenheim institute document covers all the sustainability related certifications with which the brand already counts (Product Pass, EPD, Cradle to Cradle, Reach and Voc).

Also, Technoform Bautec integrated in its stand the main theme of the BAU 2017 focused on 'facades'. This was done through a booth that simulated a facade of different elements; Including a second floor with a lounge where a panoramic view of the London skyline was recreated, and where the 2017 catalog was shared, solutions and possible projects with clients from all over the world.

As in all the fairs in which Technoform Bautec has presence, the stand was constantly full of our customers with whom we are proud to work, and to which we would like to thanked for letting us have attended them during your stay at BAU.

In short, Technoform Bautec believes that this certificate has incorporated sustainable advantages that can help its clients to strengthen their projects.