Technoform Bautec

Mar.2017. Made 2017

Mar.2017. Made 2017

In addition of being a reference company in the field of thermal break with polyamide 6.6 with 25% fiberglass, Technoform Bautec is characterized by the deep relationships it has with its customers.

These relationships have been built with the proximity that provide years of good service and quality products. To remain close to its customers, Technoform Bautec was present at the most important construction sector fair in Italy, Made 2017.

Technoform Bautec prepared systems in which its customers had the opportunity to appreciate windows that are already in the market using Low Lambda strips.

These systems surprised attendees as they were able to see firsthand the current Low Lambda application, which can also be found in the new Technoform Bautec 2017 catalogue as part of the standard solutions it offers.

In a striking open and comfortable stand, the company was able to explain in detail the advantages of using these strips, which are achieving better thermal values, as well as the possibility of reducing the width of the same systems.

Again, the success of Technoform Bautec's attendance at one of the most important fairs in Europe was evidenced by the high influx of the public at its stand.