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May.2017. 20th Anniversary Event

May.2017. 20th Anniversary Event

20th Anniversary Event Technoform Bautec

In 1997 Technoform Bautec Iberica aimed to consolidate itself as leader of the sector of the break of thermal bridge with polyamide 6.6 and 25% of fiberglass in the Spanish and Portuguese market.

To reach this goal, it was decided to establish a production center in Spain that could offer a service and product of high quality. The place where the factory was erected was the locality of Tordesillas, since it met the necessary requirements to be able to comply with what Technoform had planned.

20 years have passed since the Spanish production lines came to life for the first time to place Technoform Bautec Iberica as a benchmark of the sector.

This 20th anniversary reminds us of the indefatigable work of the people who started the project, the constant improvement of processes, the pursuit of a high standard in our service, the difficult task of innovating, and in short, the maintenance of the excellence of the day to day that characterizes us.

We have, therefore, plenty of reasons to celebrate, and we wanted to do it along the most important piece of Technoform Bautec Iberica, its customers.

For this, Technoform Bautec Iberica, held an event in the Batlló house in Barcelona, ​​which brought together the most important companies and people in the sector. A stimulating evening that began with a guided tour through the emblematic work of Gaudí, which led those present to meet in the central courtyard where our director general, Cristian Clarasó, and our commercial director, David Jordan, gave an emotional speech. The evening culminated in a relaxed open-air dinner, where the guests were able to enjoy the good atmosphere that generates an event where not only meet suppliers and customers, but friends.

We thank all of our friends for helping us to celebrate our most humane profile

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