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May.2017. BIM library

May.2017. BIM library

Building Information Modeling, better known by its acronym BIM, is a software that standardizes the creation and management of any construction project, delimiting all the elements that are incorporated in the design of the building that is going to be constructed. Although this software has already been in the market for several years, it is now that is taking on importance given its usefulness to comply with European regulations.

Technoform Bautec Iberica, is always looking for new trends like this. Given the importance that BIM could have for its customers, Technoform Bautec Iberica signed an agreement with Bimetica, a pioneer in our country on the implementation of BIM, to include the most efficient systems in this methodology.

This agreement allows Technoform Bautec Iberica customers to take advantage of interesting conditions to have their window systems in BIM by one of the most solvent developers on the national scene.

Thanks to this technology, the architect can design projects, obtaining not only the benefits of having a preview of the system design, but also technical information of the systems that range from the most innovative folding doors, through hidden sash, to sliding windows, doors and curtain walls.

Since 2016, the use of BIM has been mandatory in the United Kingdom and is being extended to other countries with the same obligatory nature, since the advantages offered to a public administration range from saving money in the design process to legal delimitation of responsibilities within the construction itself.

To give an example, companies of the size of Technal, Kawneer, Sapa, Alcar, Extrugasa, Itesal, Centroalum, Alugom and Extrual and the portuguese Sosoares, Extrusal and Aluminios Navarra have already their carpentries in BIM thanks to this initiative of Technoform Bautec Iberica.

Technoform Bautec Iberica, in addition to being a reliable partner that supplies quality products, also helps the development and growth of its customers, providing more information and downloadable files on the websites of each of the manufacturers, as well as from the web of Technoform Bautec Iberica and Bimetica.