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Nov.2016. After our presence in Veteco 2016

Nov.2016. After our presence in Veteco 2016


Last October, VETECO took place, one of the events that are a reference for the major spanish brands. As in each edition, Technoform Bautec was present to demonstrate once again its leadership in the sector of the thermal bridge break. For this fair, TECHNOFORM BAUTEC has presented, in addition to its already usual solutions, a series of novelties that aim to provide their customers with competitive advantages that can distinguish them within their market. These innovations involve several fields of action, in this way, Technoform Bautec exposes its value as a multipurpose supplier whose goal is to meet the needs of its market, and in this way, achieve total customer satisfaction. Below, we detail those novelties

1. BIM

Field of activity: Prescription

Advantage: Commercial strategy

Technoform Bautec not only thinks of solutions to satisfy productive needs, but also is interested in the development and growth of its customers.

That is why, aware of the importance of the process of data generation and management of a building, Technoform Bautec has taken on the task of deepening in BIM. BIM performs three-dimensional and real-time modeling of a building design, thereby reducing the loss of time and resources. This process ranges from the geometry of the building to the properties of its components. This system is mandatory in the United Kingdom, and it is expected to be the same in the rest of Europe.

Technoform Bautec has proposed to its customers to incorporate their systems to BIM, to be at the forefront of new construction trends and to be closer to the prescriber. An excellent business strategy that will surely have benefits.


2. Low Lamda strips

Field of activity: Raw material

Advantage: Improved thermal transmittance

Polyamide 6.6 with 25% glass fiber remains the basis for guaranteeing the benefits already known, but thanks to a new method of manufacture, Technoform Bautec has managed to produce a strip with properties that help those systems where it was difficult to improve thermal transmittance. This strip complies with EN ISO 527-2 and EN ISO 179-1 standards for mechanical behavior and melting point according to EN ISO 11357-3 250 ° C. An ideal choice for new developments in large systems.


3. Adhesive Film

Field of activity: Powder coating

Advantage: Paint-free surfaces 

From the point of view of polyamide, powder coating could be summarized in two options. When you want the polyamide painted along with the profile or on the contrary, if you want the polyamide to keep its original black color. This second option is intended to improve with the adhesive film. Technoform Bautec has incorporated a manufacturing line that allows to place a plastic film on the polyamide, this film acts as a protective agent and prevents the paint from contacting the desired surface during powder coating. After the powder coating, the film can be easily removed, exposing the polyamide and its characteristic black color. It is of high importance to emphasize that the film can be applied in complex geometries with which its applications are very diverse.


4. Mechanical Simulations

Field of activity: Design

Advantage: Products adjusted to the need of the customer

The technical department of Technoform Bautec is distinguished by its proximity to its customers, which is why, to strengthen this service, the concept of mechanical simulations has been developed. These simulations allow a detailed analysis of the strips in tests of shear and traction following the standard EN 14024. These data give the opportunity to improve the system design and to optimize the mechanical behavior of the strips within the profile.

All this, demonstrate that Technoform Bautec takes another step forward and achive a successful participation in VETECO 2016