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Sep.2016. TB and Bimetica agreement

Sep.2016. TB and Bimetica agreement

BIM is acquiring a certain name in the world of architecture as a new, safer, faster and more reliable methodology of designing buildings. At European level, Directive 2014/24 / EU on public procurement already establishes the obligation to use electronic media in the public procurement of works, services and supplies starting September 2018.

In order to promote and facilitate the insertion of BIM in aluminum carpentry systems, Bimetica and Technoform Bautec, signed on July 2016 a collaboration agreement to promote BIM among its customers.

All Technoform Bautec customers who wish to have their BIM carpentry can use this agreement, and the modeling will be carried out by Bimetica. The company ensures that the files comply with all existing regulations and are fully compatible with the electronic systems on the market.

With this agreement, Technoform Bautec help its clients to join this new methodology, positioning itself as a good partner for the execution of new projects not only in the productive field, but also in the field of prescription.