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Sep.2016. Technoform will be at Veteco

Sep.2016. Technoform will be at Veteco

Technoform Bautec will be present at Veteco, the sector fair that will take place in Ifema at the end of October presenting its latest innovations.


New Low-Lambda Polyamide

This new polyamide allows the aluminum enclosures to optimize the thermal values ​​with only a change of strip.

The Low-Lambda polyamide offers a transmittance of 0.21 W / m2K instead of the 0.3 W / m2K value of polyamide 6.6 with 25% glass fiber. This transmittance has been certified by the Fraunhofer IBP Institute in Stuttgart.

In systems where the thermal value is very important, this polyamide allows lowering over a tenth without changing the profiles that are part of it. On the other hand, Low Lambda polyamide lowers the width of the systems without changing the thermal performance.

The new Low Lambda polyamide meets all the regulatory requirements specified in EN 14024. These values ​​have been certified by the IFT Rosenheim GmbH.


Polyamide with film for complex geometries

One of the best solutions for the problem of powder coating of profiles with thermal bridge is to coat the polyamide strips with film. This film can be removed at the end of the powder coating process leaving the polyamide in its original black color, without modifying the customer's production processes.

Until this day, the film application could be a challenge when the strip geometry was complex, as they could be for a hidden sash or intended for the crossing of sliding profile. Technoform Bautec, after several studies has solved this, being able to offer a film that could be place in geometries of difficult treatment.


Technoform Bautec incorporates the mechanical simulation in the design of its products

In order to optimize the development of the new designs, Technoform Bautec, after an intense period of training of its technical departments, has incorporated mechanical simulation as an extra service in the development of its products.


Technoform Bautec creates the BIM library with the most efficient carpentries on the market

BIM, the new methodology that is being implemented has come to our country to stay. With the support of European regulations and state administration, BIM allows the design of buildings with better information, more quickly and minimizing possible mistakes.

Technoform Bautec, world leader in the market for polyamide 6.6 with 25% fiberglass, and Bimetica, one of the companies that provide the most innovative BIM service in the national scene signed a collaboration agreement last July to promote BIM among Technform Bautec customers.

By accepting this agreement, a large number of Technform Bautec customers already have their most efficient systems in BIM.

Customers like Technal, Kawneer, Alugom, Sapa, Extrual, Galisur, Itesal or Extrugasa among others already have their top systems in BIM format, available to architects who develop projects under this methodology.

This methodology allows to optimize the design of the system both at a dimensional level which allows a certain saving, as well as to check the behavior of the assembled assembly when certain forces are applied. This allows reinforcing weaknesses of the project so that the product meets all expectations once it is released.

In the stand of Technoform Bautec you will be able to see the solutions already available for some time such as antibi-metal strips, package and strips with sandblasting among others as well as existing materials such as recycled polyamide or bio-polyamide.

Technoform Bautec presents itself as the ideal supplier for the development not only of more efficient carpentry systems, but also as the ideal partner in the search for new solutions that allow us to face the future of our sector with optimism.